~ Guest Chocolates ~



£5.50 per 100g










Violet Creams

Dark chocolate filled with violet fondant cream

Rose Creams

Dark chocolate filled with rose fondant cream

Chocolate Brownie Square

Milk chocolate filled with chocolate ganache and crunchy chocolate topping

Florentine Square

White chocolate square filled with almond praline topped with glazed mixed nuts

Lemon Cheesecake

White chocolate filled with lemon cream, topped with meringue pieces

Berry Cheesecake

White and milk chocolate filled with berry cream

Lime and Chilli Ganache

Dark Chocolate filled with zesty lime and chilli ganache, topped with decorative stripes

Milk Chocolate Salted Caramel

Milk chocolate filled with soft salted caramel, topped with white chocolate decoration

Dark Caramel Salty Square

Dark chocolate filled with dark salted caramel

Lime Fondant

Dark chocolate filled with lime fondant cream

Orange Fondant

Dark chocolate filled with orange fondant cream

Coffee Fondant

Dark chocolate filled with coffee fondant cream

Caramel Truffle

Milk chocolate truffle with soft caramel centre

Gin & Tonic Truffle

White chocolate gin and tonic truffle

Strawberry and Champagne Truffle

White chocolate strawberry and champagne truffle dusted with icing

Bucksfizz Truffle

White chocolate tangy orange truffle

Milk Chocolate Champagne Truffle

Milk chocolate champagne truffle drizzled with white chocolate

Cappuccino Truffle

White chocolate cappuccino truffle dusted with cocoa

Dark Chocolate Champagne Truffle

Dark chocolate champagne truffle dusted with icing

Milk Chocolate Truffle

Milk chocolate truffle covered in milk chocolate flakes

White chocolate Vanilla Truffle

White chocolate vanilla truffle centre covered in white chocolate

Baileys Truffle

White chocolate baileys truffle

Lemon Truffle

Milk chocolate tangy lemon truffle

Dark Chocolate Orange Truffle

Dark chocolate orange truffle centre drizzled with orange flavoured chocolate

Crème Brûlée Truffle

White chocolate crème brûlée centre covered in milk chocolate


Goji Berry, Mango & Basil, Apple Crumble, Maple Syrup & Hazelnut, Jack Daniels, Raspberry & Orange Blossom, Bailey’s Espresso


Forest Fruits, Lemon, Raspberry, Salted Caramel, Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry