~ Specialty Chocolates ~

Chocolate Caramels

Dark and Milk chocolates with a hard caramel centre

Chocolate Ginger

Whole piece of crystallised ginger coated in Dark or Milk chocolate

Dark Chocolate Coffee Beans

Whole coffee beans coated in dark chocolate

Chocolate Covered Turkish Delight

Dark or Milk chocolate covered rose Turkish delight

Tiramasu Almonds

Tiramisu flavoured chocolate covered almonds

Cocoa Dusted Almonds

Cocoa dusted whole almonds

Chocolate Brazil Nuts

Whole Brazil nuts covered in Dark or Milk chocolate

Macaroons Stick Pack

Stick pack of 7 assorted flavoured macaroons

Ten Assorted Chocolates

Mixed bag of milk, white and dark Dumon chocolates

Ten All Milk Belgian Chocolates

Mixed bag of Dumon milk chocolates

Ten All Dark Belgian Chocolates

Mixed bag of Dumon dark chocolates

Ten All White Belgian Chocolates

Mixed bag of Dumon white chocolates

Ten Praline Belgian Chocolates

Mixed bag of Dumon praline chocolates

Ten Belgian Caramels

Mixed bag of Dumon caramel chocolates

Chocolate Cerrisettes

Dumon dark and milk chocolate covered brandy soaked cherries (stalk and stone included)

Ten Belgian Marzipans

Mixed bag of Dumon milk, white and dark covered marzipans

Marzipan Strawberries

Bag of Dumon marzipan strawberries

Luxurious Marzipan Fruits

Bag of mixed marzipan fruits (12 pieces)

Ten Champagne Truffles

Bag of dark chocolate champagne truffles

Ten Luxury Baileys Truffles

Bag of white chocolate truffles with Baileys centre

Ten Assorted Truffles

Cello cube of assorted milk, white and dark truffles (some will contain alcohol)

Rose and Violet Creams

Cello cube of dark chocolates filled with rose and violet fondant cream

Caramel Drops

Caramel, Cappuccino, Orange and Strawberry


Caramel & Sea Salt, Whiskey & Ginger, All Butter and Cherry Bakewell